AΦA-KΦΛ Education Programs

The primary mission of the Alpha Foundation of Howard County is to raise funds to advance educational and charitable programs within our community. The following is a description of the Educational Programs the golf classic helps to fund. Your support is greatly appreciated so that we can continue to support students in our community.

I. Alpha Achievers Program

Alpha Achievers is an educational program of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Kappa Phi Lambda Chapter of Howard County, Maryland. The program targets African-American males in grades 9 – 12. The program fosters a positive learning environment in order to facilitate students’ pursuit of excellence by attaining, maintaining, and exceeding a 3.0-grade point average, the minimum required for membership. The program also seeks to encourage and motivate those students who have less than a 3.0 grade point average to strive toward attaining this goal.

In existence since 1997, the program also seeks to promote character growth, develop leadership skills and encourage its members to become full citizens of the school and the community. Current membership includes 250-400 members each academic year and spans Howard County’s twelve high schools and is supported by 12 school-based teacher-advisors and 12 members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. The young men also deliver over 7770 hours of community service each school year.

Recognizing that success in school is the academic foundation for success in all aspects of adult life – marriage, family, employment, citizenship, the Alpha Achievers program helps to deter negative influences and to create an atmosphere for young men to bond physically, emotionally and spiritually with other young men with similar academic goals.

II. Harambe Conference

To create an opportunity for African American students This annual conference provides the opportunity for student representatives of Alpha Achievers Chapters throughout Howard County to learn and collaborate with one another during a half-day session that includes guest speakers, workshops and luncheon that focus on a particular theme.

III. Leadership Development Institute (LDI)

The Leadership Development Institute (LDI) aims to develop a 21st-century generation of African American leaders. To this end, the members of the Kappa Phi Lambda chapter, as well as other chapters within the region sponsor, organize and facilitate this program. Along with professionals & experts, the workshop leaders instruct the participants in parliamentary procedures, conflict resolution, models of leadership, public speaking, community and civic engagement, and educational enhancement skills. This annual three-day program of intense leadership training for high-school-age young men takes place at a local area college or university.

IV. Project Alpha April 2023 Description – Project Alpha is one of our national programs and vital to our fraternal mission. It serves 12 – 15-year-old boys by giving them factual information about male roles in relationships, domestic violence, sexual behaviors, and attitudes, and empowers them with the knowledge to positively shape their futures and improve their self-image. Here is the link to the national program https://apa1906.net/national-programs/project-alpha/

V. Scholarship/Academic Program 2022/2023

a. KPL Scholarships for High School Students Description – This college scholarship program is designed to encourage academic achievement and support financial needs among Howard County Public School African American High School students. Since 1975, the AFHC in cooperation with Kappa Phi Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. has awarded over $350,000 in scholarships.

b. Nu Kappa Book Scholarship Description – Two book scholarships are awarded to members of the Nu Kappa Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. at UMBC
c. Edward D. Young Scholarship Award Ceremony Description – Held for KPL Scholarship recipients
d. Ojise Oratorical Contest Description – The objective of this program is to encourage critical thinking and analysis among the African American males of the Howard County Public School System. At the same time, this initiative exposes students to important research, history and literature that is relevant to the African Diaspora. Financial awards are made to the top three essays based upon an established rubric
 e. AP Success Grants for Howard County Description – This program provides grants to encourage and support African-American males in need, who desire to complete Advanced Placement courses and/or exams, as well as independent research projects. This program was established to address the issue of low participation rates by African American male students in Howard County
f. Alpha Achievers School Advisor Recognition Program Description – Communicate and support Alpha Achiever Advisors with information and upcoming events
g. College Tour – UMBC Description – Take 50 High Achievers on a Tour to the UMBC campus
h. Financial Literacy Description – Discuss credit information for both students and their parents
i. Patron Ads Description – Support funding for Scholarships

VI. A Voteless People is a Hopeless People (VPHP)

Initiated as a National Program of Alpha during the 1930s when many African-Americans had the right to vote but were prevented from voting because of poll taxes, threats of reprisal, and lack of education about the voting process. Voter education and registration has remained a dominant focus of this outreach activity for nearly 100 years. In the 1990s, the focus shifted to include political awareness and empowerment, delivered most frequently through town meetings and candidate forums.

The Alpha Foundation of Howard County needs your help to educate and inspire the next generation of Black leaders